**Please note, as of May-2020, recruitment for this trial has now closed.

The researchers will commence data analysis shortly**

Clinical trials often require their participants to meet a set of inclusion/exclusion criteria. This is because researchers are trying to assess how effective a treatment might be in a group of people who share similar characteristics.

Please read the following dot points which will determine if you meet the key eligibility criteria for this study. You can also complete the following online pre-screening questionnaire here which will be sent directly to one of our staff members.

  • 18-75 years of age

  • Have been diagnosed with OCD

  • Currently take medication for your OCD

  • Able to attend an appointment each month over a 6-month period in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney

  • If female, are using adequate contraception methods

  • Diagnosis of bipolar disorder and/or a psychotic disorder

  • People who are allergic to NAC (or other sulfur based medications)

  • Take medications which may interact negatively with NAC

  • Have a medical condition where study participation is not suitable

  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding

Additional inclusion & exclusion criteria may apply. Contact study stuff to discuss your eligibility for the trial.

Enter your contact details below and one of our staff members will be in touch to discuss the trial with you. However, please note, recruitment for this trial has now closed. 

By providing your contact details, you consent to the storage of this information on our secure research database. This information will be destroyed at the completion of the trial. 

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